Apple poderá efetuar alterações significativas na loja iTunes



Segundo Billboard, a gigante de Cupertino poderá estar a considerar fazer uma tremenda alteração à sua loja de música iTunes. Citando fontes próximas, a Billboard justifica como sendo esta a resposta da Apple ao declínio nos downloads de músicas.

Recentemente, a Billboard divulgou uma notícia com justificação similar, dizendo na altura que a Apple poderia lançar uma versão do iTunes para Android, não havendo até hoje nenhuma confirmação oficial.

Segue a reportagem da Billboard:

The failure of iTunes Radio to halt the decline of music downloads has prompted Apple Inc. to consider the most dramatic overhaul of its iTunes music store in more than a decade, according to executives familiar with Apple’s internal deliberations.

iTunes Radio, which launched in September with much fanfare, so far only sees about 1%-2% of listeners clicking the buy button, while overall music downloads have been declining upwards of 15%, according to several label executives.

As a result, Apple is being forced to consider options that would have been out of the question a few years earlier – an on-demand streaming service, an iTunes store for Google’s Android devices and negotiating download sales windows that favor Apple as first reported by Billboard.
— Billboard